Breaking News: Princess Christina of the Netherlands has died

Princess Christina of the Netherlands died at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands on August 16, 2019, at the age of 72 from bone cancer.  In June 2018 it had been announced that Princess Christina was suffering from bone cancer.
Princess Christina’s remains will be taken to Fagel’s Garden Pavilion in the grounds of Noordeinde Palace, where close friends and family will pay their last respects. The cremation will be held in private.
Born in 1947, Princess Christina was the youngest of the four daughters of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and her husband Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld and a younger sister of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. She was the aunt of the current monarch, King Willem-Alexander.
The Princess was given the names Maria Christina and was nicknamed Marijke.  Her mother had contracted German measles while pregnant with Christina, resulting in her being born nearly blind. Fortunately, she was able to gain some sight and was able to live a relatively normal life. As a teenager, she chose to be known simply by her middle name, Christina.  Princess Christina trained as a classical musician, recorded several CDs, and sang at several family events, including the funeral of her mother, Queen Juliana.
In 1975, Christina married Jorge Pérez y Guillermo, a Cuban exile.  Guillermo was Catholic, and many Dutch people still remembered the recent marriage of Christina’s elder sister Irene to a Catholic and the scandal it caused. Having not received the consent of the government, Christina relinquished rights to the Dutch throne for herself and her descendants and gave up her position as a member of the Dutch Royal House. Christina and her husband divorced in 1996.  They had three children: Bernardo Guillermo, Nicolás Guillermo, and Juliana Guillermo.

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